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Our dog training pads are crafted with bamboo-activated carbon and SAP technology, offering six layers of superior absorbency and exceptional odor control.

Our silica gel cat litter delivers superior absorption and outstanding odor control for a clean home environment. Plus, it lasts long, is antibacterial, and non-toxic!

Our biodegradable, antibacterial, super-premium natural cat litter is sourced from the rich diatomaceous earth deposits of Patagonia, Argentina.

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At Golden Breed, we are committed to revolutionizing pet care by providing owners with simple yet effective solutions tailored to the diverse needs of their pets. 


You’d do anything for them, and so will we. This is why we’re dedicated to creating products that enhance the well-being and happiness of every pet. Join us in making every day with your pet easier and more enjoyable with Golden Breed.


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